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on December 03, 2019




What's new:


Order Calendar: Know exactly when orders are expected to ship out and whether an order has a status that could potentially put that ship date at risk.


Order Alerts: Manage orders by exception and stay on top of delays or non-responsive suppliers before they have a larger impact on your supply chain.


Quantities on Order: Get a snapshot of how much inventory you have on order broken conveniently out by part to aid in supply planning.


Year to Date Spending: Keep track of how much you’re spending with each supplier to understand where your biggest cost centers are.


Order Payments: Understand when order payments may be upcoming or due based on an order’s payment terms and ship date.


On-Time Performance: See how often orders are shipped out on time vs. with delay to gauge the health of your supply chain partnerships and identify potential improvement opportunities to unlock new efficiencies.


If you are already an Anvyl customer, these features should be available right on your new dashboard now. To learn more about Anvyl, please request a brief consultation


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